Saturday, November 10, 2012

Updated Super Improver pictures

Here is my super improver wall as of Thursday.

My students recently asked me to join them on the wall and we got a new student. My new student and I are working hard to move up to the next level.


  1. Hey Deanna, awesome SIT! My kids love the improvers team, such a great aspect of WBT!

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  2. Hey Deanna! I found you after watching your video about the SIW on YouTube. I'm super pumped about the new school year in February, so that I can add this to my WBT tool box! I'm in New Zealand, and have added a couple of things each year, but am going to be doing as much WBT as my school will let me next year.
    Thanks is much for your informative video!
    The E-Z Class/Learning to be awesome