Friday, July 27, 2012

Did someone say giveaway...

Did someone say giveaway...  YES ... I did in my last post!

It seems that Julie is the only one interested in my give away... so she automatically gets a copy!

However, I want more people to guess my classroom project mentioned in my last post.

So, here are some pictures of the give away project. I thought of this idea during Tuesday's broadcast (Program 532) about the First Hour of the First Day! So many people kept saying they were afraid they would forget something. So here is my solution. I haven't finished yet because I keep watching the video to make sure I didn't forget anything. When I am finished I will post the finally product on Teachers Pay Teachers... for free of course! This will be my first product on TPT!

However, anyone who guesses my BIG project will get a printed copy mailed to them! WAHOO!


  1. What a great idea! I was thinking the same thing about forgetting to do everything. Looks great what you're doing. I can't wait until you post them on TPT! Will you let us know when they're ready to download? Wow - your BIG project - I have no clue. I thought this WAS a BIG project! Thanks again,

    1. Laura,

      You might be on to something....this is turning out to be a huge project! I will be relieved to start on the "big" project.

  2. Hi Deanna,
    Thanks for chatting with me!!! Love your blog!!!!

    Anicka (from Bermuda)

    1. Anicka,

      I enjoyed talking with you! I love being able to talk about WBT with another excited teacher!

  3. I love what you are doing. This coming from a teacher who suffers from memory loss and struggles sometimes in the classroom to remember everything she must do. One will find stickies and notes scribbled everywhere to aid in my memory. i also incorporate the students in helping me remember (which doesn't always work). When will the cue cards be available?
    2nd Grade Rising Stars

    1. Linda,
      I saw your response MINUTES after completing the cards! I am having a fellow WBT intern look them over and then they will be ready!

    2. Linda,

      They are up at TPT... see my in post!