Thursday, August 2, 2012

FIRST DAY ... in classroom ... time to organize


I was able to get into my classroom today! I really didn't to much as far as WBT is concerned. However, I thought you would like to "meet" my classroom! (Plus I kind of want to show off my hard work!) I did not have to put up bulletin boards... because they are the same from last year.

View from the door.
In the picture above, you will see three bulletin boards. I am actually taking down the map and the material to the left of the map. That area will be my Power Pix Wall.

Carpet / Library Area

I LOVE BOOKS... the books in this picture are not the only books in my classroom! I use Beth Newingham's book organization system. The yellow bulletin board is going to be my Super Improver Wall.

More books
I haven't decided what this bulletin board will hold. My Super Improver Wall was here last year... but I want it in the front of the room!

Tomorrow I am hosting a WBT Study Group in my classroom. I will let you know how it goes. PLUS, I hope to have my Power Pix Wall Created.

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