Friday, July 20, 2012

Common Question

The most common question or concern I have seen on the WBT forums has been how do I start... what do I do next? As I was making myself a chart for how to implement various WBT strategies and tools in the first two weeks of school, I realized that other teachers could benefit from this information.

I am still new to the WBT scene so I am not an expert... but I will be an expert on how WBT is working in my classroom. I have another blog (PAWSitively Wild for WBT), however that is a place for me to go into detail. This blog is going to be a SHORT and sweet timeline of my first FULL WBT year. Last year I used the Core Four and Big Seven all year. This year I CAN'T WAIT to use Super Improver Wall, Genius Ladder, and Crazy Professor Reading Game all year (rather than the last month of school). I also plan to use Super Speed, Red/Green Marker, Writing Game, Prove It, and SO much more!

My first official day back in my classroom will be August 10th (that is the first teacher workday). First Day with kids is August 14th. I plan on being back in my classroom working by August 3 (fingers crossed for August 1st).

As I do things to prepare for the year I will post what I am doing. I have already done a couple of things this summer. I will make my next post about those preparations. Stay tuned for a PAWSitively awesome year!

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