Monday, August 6, 2012

Lost in the classroom!

I am so sorry friends! I have not forgotten about you! I have been working hard in my classroom (and I had to go across the state to pick up to teachers helpers, my brother and my niece).

I have done a lot in my classroom. I have my Power Pix board created. I decided to do two Power Pix Walls. One wall with FULL size Power Pix for the topics we are LEARNING. The second Power Pix Wall will be for the concepts I feel the student have a good grasp on!

I also have my board ready for my Super Improvers Wall... however I have decided to SLOWLY Reveal the board the students. So on the first day the board will only have the students names on white cardstock.

The Day 1 Cue cards are coming along and should be posted before tomorrow's LIVE Whole Brain Teaching webcast on Week 1 Goals. This second set of cards basically helps you review the first hour skills and teach your students how to use Teach-Okay. The rest of the first day is so varied (depending on grade level and school requirements) that I didn't feel that I could make cue cards for everyone.

I will post pictures tomorrow! I hope all those who have started school are enjoying Teaching Heaven!

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  1. Hi Deanna,
    Can't wait to see pics of your classroom. I am curious ro know where you are puting your power pix board....front of the room, back of the room, etc..