Saturday, September 8, 2012


Have you been patiently waiting for my post about lines... GREAT JOB... Ten Finger Woo to YOU!

Your patience has paid off... here you go!

Wednesday, August 15th (Still the first hour)  ... CONTINUED

 I called them one at a time up to show them their places in line and once they were all in line I sat them back down.

"One of the ways we are going to follow RULE 1!" 

"Follow directions quickly (with gesture)", the students caught on quickly!
"One of the ways we are going to follow directions quickly is lining up! When I say LINES... you are going to say LINES, LINES, LINES and quickly and quietly (I just can't do the WOO!) get in line. I also need to you to push in your chair as you leave your table. When I say Lines, what are you going to say?"

I pointed at them and they said, "LINES, LINES, LINES"

"Great job! After you say LINES, LINES, LINES, how are you going to line up?"
About ten students said, "Quickly and Quietly!"  A couple of students said, "and push in our chair!"

"Great! Let's try it! LINES!"

"Lines, Lines, Lines" (Most students said lines and all lined up quietly. A couple of student forgot to push in their chairs).

"You all did a great job of lining up quietly! I am amazed! I am sad though because not all students said LINES, LINES, LINES and I see some chairs not pushed in. Okay, let me try something. I am going to say something and I going to see if you can read my mind and do want I want you to do! ......... (smiling and leaning towards them as I rub my hands) SEATS!" 

I heard giggling from a couple and most of them said "SEATS, SEATS, SEATS!" 

"WOW! I am so excited that I am going to ... OH NO!"


"I was going to mark on the scoreboard but I haven't taught that yet. I guess I will have to wait."

"NO! Tell us now... mark on the board... we wants points" (I am eating this up!)

"I don't think you are ready. We only have seven minutes until Music and we need to practice lining up again!" 

A couple oh them started begging by putting their hands together. A few jumped up and said we are too ready!... WOW... if they only knew that they were playing RIGHT INTO MY HANDS! MUAH HA HA!



"Hands should be in the listening position. CLASS!"

"YES (all hands in listening position)"

"Okay I'm ready to tell you about the scoreboard. Whenever you do a good job of following the rules. Like Rule 1..."

I was interupted with... "Follow Directions quickly"

"Great job! Yes! Whenever you follow directions quickly I can give you a tally mark on the smiley side of the board. When I give you a tally mark on the board you will clap your hands together like this (I showed them the right way) and say Oh YEAH! Let's practice. Here is a smiley mark give me a Might Oh YEAH!"


"Great job! Okay, there is another side to the scoreboard. If the class is breaking a rule I will mark a frownie. When I make a frownie mark you will bring your shoulders WAY up to your ears and drop them back down while groaning... like this (I showed them the proper way). Let's try this. Frownie Mark, give me a Mighty Groan!"

(Mighty Groan)

"Your shoulders didn't come up high enough. Mighty Groan"

(Mighty Groan... with more students participating)

"Great shoulders on that one. Give me a Mighty OH YEAH!"

"OH Yeah!"

"Not everyone clapped their hands and said OH YEAH! Give me a Might Groan!"

(Mighty Groan... and some groaned too long... HA HA PERFECT.)

"OH I am sorry some of you didn't read my mind! When you give a mighty groan I want you to do it quick like this! Mighty Groan!"

(Mighty GROAN)

"Too slow. Mighty GROAN"

(Mighty GROAN!)

"That was awesome!" Mighty OH YEAH!"

"Oh Yeah!

"Okay all those marks were for practice. Time to do it for real." (I erased the marks I had made)

"Okay, time for music! LINES!"

"Lines, Lines, Lines" (Not all students said lines and many were SLOW POKES!)

"Not everyone said LINES, LINES, LINES. Give me a Mighty Groan"


"Great shoulders on that groan! Mighty Oh Yeah!"

"Oh YEAH!"


"Seats, Seats, Seats"

"Everyone did a great job of saying seats three times! Mighty Oh Yeah"

"Oh Yeah"

"Oh, bummer, not everyone clapped their hands when they said Oh Yeah. Give me a MIGHTY GROAN!"

Mighty groan.

"Remember when I say LINES, EVERYONE is going to say lines three times and line up quickly and quietly. We want to follow directions quickly so that we can get more smilies! ...... LINES!"


"Great job! Give me a Mighty Oh YEAH!"

"Time for music let's go! (I took the scoreboard with us so I could show the music teacher (she is also using some WBT!)
The scoreboard is shown in this picture next to the Genius Ladder.
STAY TUNED ... for how our day continued after Music!


  1. I like how you use a hand clap for Oh Yeah, and a shrug for Mighty Groan. I haven't heard of that before, but it sounds fun.

  2. Check out Program 517 Scoreboard on YouTube...