Saturday, September 1, 2012

Teaching even when not in the room!

Hello everyone!

I am a victim of back to school BOG DOWN! I barely have time to make my husband dinner let alone blog! I am trying to get better!

OKAY... so I have started something really fun! I know that I am going to be out of my classroom AT least 35 days this school year. I can't stand the thought of not actually TEACHING my kids for that many days. Step 1 was get a reliable sub! CHECK! She loves the class-yes and is working hard to learn more parts of WBT.

NEXT step... make videos lessons!
I decided that even the days that I am gone (at least on planned days) I can still teach my kiddos. So I am making videos for mini lessons for the sub to show!

Here is the first video:

Here is the second:

I felt a little silly making these videos... but they were a HUGE success! When I made the first one I didn't really intend on making a video EVERY TIME! However, my kids loved it! They asked me to make another one. On the second sub day, my sub was going to reward my students with a Magic School Bus video and they asked to watch my videos instead! WOW! A couple teachers in my school have views the videos and have expressed interest in WBT. I am so excited! My next step... Math videos (I always dread leaving math lesson plans... now I may not have to!) 


  1. This is a great idea! Its a great way to still be involved in your class even when you can't physically be there. It is also a really good idea because it lets your students know you are thinking of them and still have specific expectations. Really cool!

    Miss L (WBT Blog Bug)
    Miss L’s Whole Brain Teaching

  2. Are these videos available on youtube?
    Love your blog because you get so specific with the interactions.
    Thanks for posting!